FECAVA Has a New Board

A new board that will lead FECAVA in the years from 2019 to 2021 was elected at the council meeting of the 25thFECAVA EuroCongress in St. Petersburg. The former President Wolfgang Dohne (UK) has become Senior Vice-President, leaving the position to a new President, Denis Novak from Serbia. Danny Holmes (Ireland) has become Vice-President and Stephan Neumann (Germany) has joined the board as Honorary Treasurer. Ann Criel (Belgium) remains part of the board as an Honorary Secretary.

Giving his speech at the council meeting, Wolfgang Dohne looked back at his beginnings as FECAVA representative for the UK and his work as president. In the previous years, FECAVA continued to raise awareness of hereditary diseases as BOAS, pointed out the well-being of veterinarians, had a successful project on canine vector-borne diseases, supported continuing education in Eastern Europe, implemented new media concept and more. He is looking forward to two more years that he has as a board member and the work that still has to be done.

One member has left the board – Jerzy Gawor (Poland), who was FECAVA President in the years 2015-2017. In his farewell speech, he thanked for the 12 good years he spent as part of FECAVA and emphasized the importance of enthusiasm that people who are part of the FECAVA have in fulfilling what we do. Jerzy will continue to actively work with FECAVA and he is a member of the organising committee for the next FECAVA EuroCongress in Poland (for which we are preparing a special surprise together).


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