FECAVA statutes

FECAVA originated at the companion animal veterinarian practitioner meeting in Bienne (Biel), Switzerland. The group was initially called the European Harmonisation Committee, and FECAVA was officially founded on 12th of May 1990.

FECAVA was officially founded in 1990 with headquarters in Paris. The statutes were originally written under French law registered in France.

In 2011, the Council decided to move these under Belgian law, as FECAVA headquarters had moved from Paris to Brussels.

The FECAVA statutes can be found here.

Standing Operating Procedures

SOP for the FECAVA Laboklin Travel Scholarship

To reflect the  fact that modern companion animal veterinary medicine has to be seen in a global and no longer in a regional or national perspective, the FECAVA Travel Bursary  is an initiative to support  two regional groups of practicing small animal veterinary surgeons from two different parts of Europe to visit each other for a few days to see how their colleagues are practicing, to see and appreciate the different culture of their colleagues and to participate ideally in a joint CE event.  Read more.


SOP for FECAVA IVC Evidensia Student Travel Scholarship

The FECAVA IVC Evidensia Student Travel Scholarship is based on the idea to enable European veterinary students to enjoy the experience of visiting an international veterinary congress and to get an early introduction to FECAVA and the FECAVA activities. Read more.


SOP for FECAVA Eurocongress

FECAVA is organising ones a year a Eurocongress. All member Association can bid for this Congress. This Congress might as well be organised as joint Congress with WSAVA, the World Small Animal Veterinary Association. Read more.


SOP for Didier-Noël Carlotti Award

The Didier-Noël Carlotti Award is to be awarded annually to one of our members who has provided an outstanding service in the fields of interprofessional communication and/or continuing education for companion animal veterinarians in Europe. Read more.