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9. Paulo Steagall • A Safe Walk on the Thin Line Between Life and Death

7. Gonçalo Da Graça Pereira • Relaxed into the New Year - Firework Solution

5. Magdalena Maria Krainska and Dorota Morawska • Winning Hearts and Kidneys in Warsaw

3. Zoe Polizopoulou and Stephan Neumann • Face to Face with Feline Vector-borne Diseases

1. Tiina Toomet • A Guide to the Estonian Veterinary Revolution

8. Markus Kiili • FECAVA VetChat Christmas Special – Polar Nights and Northern Lights

6. Sif Traustadottir • Swapping Geysirs for Pino Grigio or Lifestyle Choices and Happy Online Dogs

4. Hans Nauwynck • The Curious Case of the COVID Cat and the Impenetrable Shrimp

2. Ana Nemec • Dentistry and Road Biking in Slovenia

0. Introduction