Short biography

After studying Veterinary Medicine at the Vet School Hannover and a short period in a private practice I have started working at the Institute of Veterinary Medicine, University of Goettingen in 1992.
In 1996 I received the diploma as a national specialist for small animals and in 1998 for clinical pathology. In 2004 I received the certificate of the ECVCP. 2007 I finished my habilitation and since 2010 I am Professor at the University of Goettingen.
My scientific fields of interest are gastroenterology, especially liver diseases; orthopaedic diseases, especially osteoarthritis; cytokine research of different disease mechanisms and development of biomarkers.
I am author of about 70 publications in international journals; currently I supervise 7 dissertations, 7 master theses and 3 bachelor theses. I give lectures in four faculties.
Furthermore I am active in continuing education and specialisation in Lower Saxony and nationwide. I am a board member of the GSAVA, the GSAVA working group gastroenterology, the CT-user group, the InnLab and the ESVCP.
I have a family, but my children left their home for studying. My hobbies are skiing, driving motor bike,  horseback riding and mowing the lawn.