Germany Against Extreme Breeding

The Veterinary chamber Berlin (Tierärztekammer Berlin) together with the Federal Veterinary Chamber (Bundestierärztekammer), the Berlin Animal Protection Officer (Berliner Landestierschutzbeauftragten) and representatives of the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the FU Berlin (Fachbereichs Veterinärmedizin der FU-Berlin) presented its second campaign against extreme breeding at the press conference on November 5. The purpose of this campaign is to point out that out of “love for animals” sick dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fish and other animals are bred.

With the poster campaign “Das ist doch krank!” in the subway, on the buses, and with accompanying postcards, they want to inform people about the problematic breeding. The flyers were made to warn about the health problems of short-headed breeds of dogs, rabbits and cats.

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The Federal Veterinary Chamber (Bundestierärztekammer) with four other major veterinary associations has also made a new information leaflet with the checklist for the cat owners about the health problems that extreme breeding can cause in cats. Suffering of the animals can be the price paid for their cute looks. The purpose of the leaflet is to educate the owners about responsible pet buying.

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The similar leaflet has already been made about the brachycephalic dogs.


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