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EJCAP online

EJCAP Online 25(2), Summer 2015, English - 14-06-2015

FECAVA congress


  • RVC Pet Epilepsy Tracker App

    06-07-2015 On Monday 29th June, RVC’s Canine Epilepsy researchers Professor Holger Volk and Dr Rowena Packer welcomed over 60 dog owners, breeders and stakeholders to their... » read more
  • Nursing highlights at Scottish Congress

    03-07-2015 With 11 unique nursing lectures to choose from and a range of internationally recognised speakers there is something for every Veterinary Nurse at Scottish Congress. We... » read more
  • The Sniffer Dogs Of London

    02-07-2015   Cute, furry and adorable may not be how you’d describe your stereotypical Canary Wharf worker. However, when you’re talking about the explosive... » read more