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EJCAP online

EJCAP Online 26(3), Autumn 2016, English - 19-09-2016

FECAVA congress



  • A brief visit to Armenia

    Wolfgang Dohne @ 19-09-2016 00:22 FECAVA's Past President Monique Megens and Vice President Wolfgang Dohne took the opportunity before the board meeting in Tiblisi, to... » read more
  • FECAVA goes East

    Wolfgang Dohne @ 03-09-2016 Next week the FECAVA Board will for the first time visit Georgia and the colleagues of GeoSAVA. They are following an invitation from... » read more
  • The FECAVA LABOKLIN Travel Scholarship in Romania

    Wolfgang Dohne @ 03-06-2016 00:40 Travelling UK vets Alasdair Hotston Moore and Alex Gough have just return from the second leg of their exchange with a group of... » read more