EuroPetNet position paper on the regulation proposal on the welfare of dogs and cats and their traceability

European Commission published a regulation proposal on the welfare of dogs and cats and their traceability across the EU. A comprehensive regulation proposal has been put forward, alongside a detailed Q&A document and an informative factsheet, aimed at directly benefiting pets by ensuring their welfare standards are uniformly applied across all Member States.

The core of this proposed regulation mandates the identification and registration of dogs and cats, a move specifically targeting animals under the care of breeders, dealers, pet shops, and shelters. This initiative is designed to establish a fair and consistent framework for all parties involved in the care and management of these pets.

A pivotal aspect of the proposal is the requirement for all dogs and cats to be microchipped and recorded in a national database prior to being registered at the EU level. This process is crucial for ensuring the traceability of pets across the EU, with Member States’ databases required to be interoperable to facilitate this.

The proposed regulation, detailed in Article 19, outlines the establishment of national databases for microchipped dogs and cats to be set up within three years following the regulation’s enforcement. These databases must be capable of cross-referencing with those of other Member States within five years, ensuring seamless traceability of pets across the EU. The European Commission will also define the specifications for these databases, including their content, interoperability standards, and functionality to verify pet identification and registration effectively.

Furthermore, Article 17 specifies that the implantation of a microchip in dogs and cats must be carried out by a qualified veterinarian or under their supervision within three months of the animal’s birth, with the seller required to provide proof of this procedure to the purchaser.

EuroPetNet’s involvement is particularly noteworthy, as highlighted in the preliminary impact assessment of the legislative text. Recognized as a key player in linking national and regional databases across 17 Member States on a voluntary basis, EuroPetNet is showcased as an exemplary model for a Europe-wide interoperable database system.

This position paper, endorsed by notable organizations such as UEVP and FECAVA, is set to be presented to key decision-makers. This initiative marks a significant step forward in ensuring the welfare and traceability of dogs and cats across the EU, fostering a safer and more responsible pet ownership environment.


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