‘Argylle’: Leading animal charities and welfare organisations share concerns for cat wellbeing in new Hollywood movie

Several leading UK animal charities and welfare organizations have voiced their concerns about the portrayal and well-being of cats in the trailer for the new Hollywood movie “Argylle,” scheduled for release by Universal Pictures in February 2024.

The collective unease stems from the film’s apparent promotion of Scottish Fold cats, a breed known for serious health and welfare issues due to a genetic mutation that causes painful arthritis from an early age. The groups emphasize the unethical nature of breeding such cats for aesthetic traits appealing to humans, highlighting the severe consequences for the animals’ health. Nathalie Dowgray, Head of ISFM, pointed out the critical importance of prioritizing health over appearance in cat breeding.

Additionally, the trailer depicts potentially harmful behaviors towards cats, including rough handling and portraying a cat traveling in a backpack, which the organizations argue could negatively influence public perceptions of acceptable treatment for cats. Sarah Ellis, Head of Cat Mental well-being and Behaviour at International Cat Care, criticized these portrayals for potentially causing discomfort, fear, and even pain to cats, stressing that such methods of restraint and transportation are not cat-friendly.

The organizations have reached out to Universal Pictures, urging the company to adopt Cat-Friendly Principles in future projects, which include avoiding the promotion of breeds with extreme features and ensuring the accurate and humane depiction of animals. The groups hope that raising these concerns will foster more open discussions with the media industry about the health and well-being of cats and their representation in entertainment.

Press release by iCatCare


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