Breeding Ban Imposed on Dutch Persian Show Cat Breeder

A Persian show cat breeder in the Netherlands has been ordered to cease breeding of short-nosed Peke-faced Persians immediately. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) responded to an enforcement request from animal welfare organization Dier&Recht (Animal & Law). They found that the breeder violated the law by breeding nine short-nosed cats.

Shortest snouts win prizes
The Peke-faced Persian, known for its extremely short skull is admired by enthusiasts of this breed by its “adorable” short snout. However, this unnatural appearance comes at a cost, as it leads to severe health issues including eye diseases, dental problems, chronic respiratory difficulties, and birthing complications. Despite the ban on breeding these animals that has been in place for years, the practice had been somewhat tolerated. Shockingly, these unhealthy cats continue to win prizes at cat shows.

A complete ban on breeding
Animal welfare organization Dier&Recht filed an enforcement request against this breeder of award-winning show cats. Photos on her website depicted kittens with crossed eyes, obstructed nostrils, and other physical abnormalities.
During the inspection, the NVWA confirmed that all nine parent cats had snouts too short for breeding purposes. Consequently, the breeder was issued a penalty order, with the possibility of a substantial fine for any future violations.

Sending a message to the show world
For years, Dier&Recht has been advocating for clear regulations and a minimum snout length for cats. Fortunately, there is growing awareness regarding the numerous health problems faced by animals with excessively short snouts. The breeding ban imposed on this show breeder sends an important message to the show world: stop breeding unhealthy animals!

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