Peppa’s Story

Peppa is a young English setter that was found abandoned under a bridge inGračanica, Kosovo. The shelter workers found her lying motionless on the floor as shewas not able to move. Judging by her appearance (enlarged nipples), they immediately suspected that she had already had several litters of pups in her short life.

She was fortunate that they immediately took her in, found her a temporary foster home and brought her to a vet. She was withered with merely 13 kg.

Peppa first received antibiotic therapy, but there was no improvement. After analgesics, she was able to rise, but not yet to walk. Her appetite returned. A volunteer took her to a vet in Macedonia, because unfortunately the veterinary practice in Kosovo did not have suitable diagnostic equipment – no X-ray, no laboratory for serological testing at the suspicion of certain conditions, etc.

After first glance at Peppa, the vet in Skopje, Macedonia, immediately considered leishmaniasis. She had a bad case of arthritis, elbow calluses, altered pigmentation of skin surrounding the eyes and prolonged claws.

They X-rayed her hinder legs and spine, performed blood tests and a leishmaniasis test that proved positive, so they immediately started the therapy. Pepa received donations for medicines from abroad (Allupurinol and Miltefosin), but she did not react well to it – she felt nauseous, she vomited and lost her appetite. They then administered Ranitidin, lowered the dose of Miltefosin and later gradually increased it. As she lacked appetite, they cooked special food for her. After the concludedtherapy, Peppa’s condition truly improved. She gained weight – she is now at 22kg, very lively and joyful.

For her recuperation, it was very important that Peppa had wonderful temporary care, that instructions during the medical therapy were rigorously followed and that people did not give up despite setbacks. However, it is important to note that Peppa is one of the few abandoned dogs that had such good fortune. Instead of looking away, the passersby contacted the animal shelter, the shelter workers collected her immediately and she found such a good temporary foster home and later her very own permanent home, so that this story ends with a true happy ending.

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