Vets for Ukrainian pets – Guideline for Story Collection

FECAVA together with HIS and FVE we were wishing to get some examples of how the funding of the joint “Vets for Ukrainian pets” program has helped individual Ukrainians with their pets.

Below are the Guidelines on how to collect stories.

Please send us your experiences.

  1. Animals/people who receive help
    a. Name of the animal, sex, age, general information about its health status
    b. Area from where the owners come and circumstances that caused their decision to escape the war
    c. How did the family arrive in the destination country and any stories from their trip, including health issues, administered treatment, etc.
    d. What is the current status of the pet and its owners (e.g. settled down in the destination country, moved to another country, went back, etc.)
  2. Help provided by vet
    a. Location of the vet practice and how did the owner get in touch with the vet
    b. Health issue and what treatment was provided
    c. To what extent will the animal recover and will it need ongoing vet care
    d. What are the most common health issues Ukrainian pets have from personal observation
    e. Any general data on number of pets who have entered from Ukraine
  3. Regarding photos and/or video, we are mostly interested in content that:
    a. Focused on the animals and showing their face (ideally also the health issue)
    b. Illustrating the issue (e.g. close up of a tumor, or wound) – vets often make such photos for their records
    c. Vets in action – illustrates the help Ukrainian pets receive from the program (examination, surgery, etc.)
    d. Recovery – any photos of the animal (close-ups of the issue, as well as general) illustrating the recovery

NB: The stories need not be just happy stories. Stories that did not end well but vets did their best to help are also a good illustration of the dedication of the team on-site and the emotional nature of our work to rescue animals.

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