Extreme breeding: raising awareness in the European Parliament

FECAVA is organising a meeting in the European Parliament on the extreme breeding of dogs and cats, together with the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe and the EU Dog and Cat Alliance. The so-called ‘parliamentary lunch discussion’ will be held on 26 June in Brussels, and is hosted by Petras Auštrevičius MEP and Marlene Mizzi MEP.

The meeting will focus on the animal health and welfare aspects of breeding for extreme conformation in dogs and cats, highlighting the need for change in both EU and national legislation. It also aims to raise consumer awareness and promote responsible pet ownership.

FECAVA past president Monique Megens commented: ‘Urgent collaborative action is needed to stop the suffering of dogs and cats that develop serious health issues as a result of extreme breeding for exaggerated features such as flat faces, skin folds, sloping backs and protruding eyes.’ While pets are bred this way to make them more appealing to buyers, ‘the reality is that these exaggerated features can lead to breathing difficulties, recurring skin infections, eye diseases and spinal or neurological problems, severely impacting the health and welfare of the animals.’

The event will include presentations by experts from across the EU followed by a debate between stakeholders.


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