WSAVA list of Essential Medicines

WSAVA has published a List of Essential Medicines for Cats and Dogs, which was developed by the WSAVA Therapeutic Guidelines Group (TGG) under the leadership of Dr. Paulo Steagall and Dr. Luca Guardabassi. It will tackle the difficulties in accessing basic veterinary medicines in some regions of the world by supporting the availability of the drugs required to support minimum standards of clinical practice. A similar list of human medicines is maintained by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The List for Cats and Dogs includes core and complementary essential medicines, listed alphabetically by drug category or organ system/specialty. It has been extensively internally and externally peer-reviewed and the final list is a product of several rounds of revision and is based on expert consensus. It will be extended and updated in collaboration with WSAVA members ad key stakeholders.

The WSAVA hopes the list will facilitate veterinarians in providing effective preventive care and treatment of the most frequent and important diseases in dogs and cats, leading to an improvement in animal health and welfare.

Link to the list.


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