Update from FECAVA partner organization EPRUMA

EPRUMA The European Platform for the Responsible Use of Medicines in Animals was established in 2005 and works to promote the responsible use of medicine in animals in the EU. Their partners, one of which is FECAVA, include European organisations representing veterinarians, farmers, manufacturers of animal medicines and diagnostics, feed manufacturers and animal care professionals, sanitary security and sustainable agriculture.
This year Steve Hallahan, FECAVA Director for Ireland, took over as Chairman of EPRUMA, for a period of 3 years.

Recently, EPRUMA has made a new “Introduction to EPRUMA brochure” and more importantly, they have published a new publication “Best Practice Framework on the Responsible use of vaccines”. In their guidelines they wish to raise awareness on the benefits of vaccinations and recommend best practices for vaccine use. They highlighted the importance of animal vaccinations as part of “One Health” plans in protecting against infectious diseases and important role vaccines play in reducing the need for antibiotics and combating antibiotic resistance.

Belgian and Spanish national organisations for responsible use of antimicrobials reported to EPRUMA an update demonstrating significant success on reduction of use of antibiotics without production losses or health issues.
In order to highlight the work of EPRMA to the new Commission and MEPs, the plan is to organize an event to be hosted by several interested MEPs around European Antimicrobial Awareness Day (November 18).
EPRUMA agreed on a position about the effects on animals of antimicrobial resistance, which will be added to an open letter to MEPs from AMR stakeholders.


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