Support for the young vets in the Netherlands: Coach bank

Even though a veterinary career is enriching, the start and transition from the faculty to the workplace can be challenging for the individual. At the end of 2022, the study Dutch veterinary graduates leaving practice: A mixed-methods analysis of frequency and underlying reasons showed that many graduates leave clinical practice in the first years. The main reasons stated were:

  • Poor work–life balance
  • Insufficient challenge
  • Insufficient development opportunities
  • Insufficient remuneration
  • Excessive workload
  • Lack of mentorship
  • Bad experience with animal owners
  • Location reasons
  • Low perceived collegiality
  • Lack of preparation for veterinary practice during education

The Royal Dutch Veterinary Association – KNMvD established the online platform PJD (Platform Young Vets), including Coach bank (or coach database), to smoothen the transition from faculty to practice. It provides young vets to come into contact with more experienced colleagues. Veterinarians inside and outside the clinical practice offer their support to young colleagues voluntarily – from occasional coffee or telephone contact up to and including regular live sessions. Together they determine which path they will embark.
The coaches in the coach bank are experienced veterinarians who can help with practical issues (how did they experience their first years, what did they encounter and how did they deal with it, etc.). These vets are not professional coaches. For complaints that fit depression or burnout, vets are directed to contact their doctor or another professional care provider.

More information is on the KNMvD webpage.

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