Slovenian Vets for Stray Pets

Volunteer group @SVSP – Slovenian Vets for Stray Pets presents themselves:

“We are a group of Slovene vets, who spend their free time and annual holidays taking care of abandoned animals in the Balkans, on Cyprus, and in Spain.

Besides neutering and offering basic veterinary care to abandoned and stray animals, we work hard to raise the awareness of this issue in the local communities and amongst local vets. We also organize practical seminars for local vets, teaching them how to neuter dogs and cats. 

We believe this is the right combination for solving the problem of stray cats and dogs.

On our trips, we are often accompanied by the students of Biotechnical Educational Centre Ljubljana Veterinary Technician School, as well as students from the Veterinary Faculty of Ljubljana, and many other veterinarians who wish to participate.

In this way, we help with the practical education of future veterinarians, as well as veterinary technicians, and encourage them to help solve the problem of strays. We also actively cooperate with Slovene animal shelters, donate food and equipment and offer temporary placement for animals.

Some statistical information from our trips: in the four years of operating we have worked on 34 projects, spayed 1014 bitches, 289 female cats, neutered 576 dogs, 115 male cats, 10 donkeys, 2 horses and carried out 350 other surgical interventions; which totals in 2356 procedures altogether.”


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