Webinar: Preventing Blame and Shame Culture as a Leader

In the era of a sky-high employee turnover and increasing concern about team’s mental health, veterinary leaders find themselves under more and more pressure to keep their employees in the workplace – happy and healthy. However, for anyone who has ever worked in a highly stressful environment of a veterinary practice and observed the interactions between people it will be obvious that taking care of the wellbeing and engagement of veterinary professionals is not only complex and multifaceted, but also very hard if the whole responsibility fall on an individual. That’s why, the science of psychology, couple with high levels of cooperation and organisational awareness, help veterinary leaders approach the wellbeing and culture in a healthy and organised way.

In the previous webinar offered by FECAVA, participants had a chance to learn about each of the facets of the process of creating a thriving organisation. In the most recent webinar, participants can learn about the specific actions and responsibilities that lie in the hands of the leaders and management. As complicated as the process of staff retention and team wellbeing seem, there is still so much within the powerful hands of the leaders. This webinar will help them organise their thoughts and make an action plan.

Olivia Oginska
DVM MRCVS PGCert SAS Msc in Applied Positive Psychology, Certified Workplace Conflict Mediator

Watch the webinar: Preventing Blame and Shame Workplace Culture


About Liv Oginska
Based on several years of veterinary and peer-support experience, combined with Positive Psychology training, Liv created the Vet Gone Real platform (Human-Savy), through which multiple individuals and veterinary teams receive EQ coaching and workplace culture training. Liv is deeply passionate about the veterinary workplace wellbeing, emotional intelligence, psychological safety, quality improvement and creating tools that help veterinary practitioners to thrive in their career and personal life.
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