Formed in 2021, the Pet Alliance Europe is coordinated by AnimalhealthEurope and the European Pet Food Federation (FEDIAF). They are united in their belief that pet ownership has the potential to enhance the lives of all Europeans and brings many societal benefits. They refer to this as #PetPower.

#PetPower is another way of talking about animal-assisted interventions and the human-animal bond. It also refers to any situation where there is an interchange between humans and animals at an individual, community, or cultural level.

The Pet Alliance Europe booklet on #PetPower is a brief compilation of the human-animal bond studies carried out by European scientists and the significant social and societal potential that this bond offers.

In an online event organized with Parliament Magazine on 29 September, Pet Alliance Europe discussed human-animal bond research, how it can be applied in health care policies, and whether Europeans recognize the many benefits that assistance animals can provide.
The full event is available on YouTube.

PetPower website: https://pet-power.eu/

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