Newsletter October 2019: One Health: Zoonoses, AMR, Food Safety

Dear Colleagues,
More than 200 diseases are known to be transmitted from animals to humans. These diseases are dangerous for people around the world. Research about transmission, pathogenesis and diagnosis of these diseases is important as well as education of people about risk factors and finally research about treatment of humans, affected animals, and last but not least control of vectors. In summary to control these diseases it is of essential global interest and just possible if vets and human doctors cooperate. Beside zoonotic diseases other diseases are of important interest for vets and human doctors, not because they can be transmitted between the species, it is because they are of comparable importance for both. I speak about immunological and neoplastic diseases. We see an elevation in the number of affected individuals in different species, especially in small animals, which share the living environment with people. Research in this field is of comparable importance like for zoonotic diseases. The examples above show clearly that vets and human doctors should and must work together to find solutions for current and future problems of living species. One health describes cooperation of different specialisations with the same aim: to make the world liveable for all creatures.

Prof. Dr. Stephan Neumann,
Treasurer FECAVA


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