Lucy’s Law: The beginning of the end for puppy farming in England

In England on April 6, 2020 Lucy’s Law came into force. The new legislation presents a significant milestone to end low-welfare, high volume supply of puppies and kittens by banning their third-party commercial sale in England.

Puppy farms are located across the UK, mostly depending on third-party sellers or ‘dealers’ who often smuggle from abroad sick, traumatized, unsocialized puppies that have been taken away from their mother being just few weeks old.

Anyone getting a new puppy or kitten in England must now buy it directly from a licensed breeder who is required to show puppies interacting with their mothers in their place of birth. Alternatively, a new owner can adopt a pet from a rescue center.

The new legislation is named after Lucy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who was rescued from a puppy farm where she was subjected to terrible conditions. The leading person behind the 10-years Lucy’s Law campaign is Marc Abraham, a media vet, and author.

More by the BSAVA and UK Government webpages.


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