FVE Position Paper on Early Neutering of Kittens

Early neutering of cats (before the age of 4 months) is widely used in some countries while uncommon in others. At the FVE General Assembly in June, a position paper on early neutering of cats was presented and unanimously adopted. The initiative was led by former FECAVA president Monique Megens and Dominique Autier-Derian, who were part of FVE/UEVP Animal Welfare Working Group.

FVE adopted the position that no kitten should be neutered before they are weaned (8 weeks). Early neutering is encouraged to control a cat population and neutering from 4 months on is recommended for individually owned cats. The document also presents an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of early neutering.

FECAVA Council voted in favor of the position paper during the meeting on September 7, in St Petersburg. However, the paper raised many questions with the conclusion that there is still a lack of scientific data at this time. New research would be needed and later a revision of the paper suggested.

Link to the Position paper.


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