FVE and UVEP medicines group position paper on Cannabinoids use in animals and the veterinary profession

The use of cannabis and cannabis-based products is increasing globally. North America, as well as several European countries, have passed legislation that permits the medicinal use of cannabis in humans. Following that trend, some countries have also passed laws permitting its recreational use. As for veterinary medicine, to this moment, no cannabis-derived products were made legal in Europe.
On June 11, 2021, FVE/UVEP adopted the position paper on cannabinoids and their use in animals, with the following recommendations:
• Studies should investigate the potential therapeutic value of cannabis-derived products for companion animals (including horses)
• Promotion of well-controlled clinical trials of cannabis-derived products, so that high-quality products can be available for use in veterinary practices
• Until the research has proven them safe, all cannabis-derived products for animals should be on veterinary prescription
• Regulation and assessment of safety on producing animal feed or supplements to feed with cannabis-derived products
• Regulation and assessment of safety on producing bedding or other care products for animals with CBS/Cannabis

Danny Holmes, FECAVA Vice President, is part of the working group and initiator of the project.

The position paper is available HERE.

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