FVE Medicines Working Group

The FVE Medicines Working Group met in Brussels in February. FECAVA are represented on this body by Board Member Danny Holmes to promote companion animal veterinarian interests, although there are sometimes also other companion animal veterinarians present.

The last few years have been dominated by reviews and submissions to The European Parliament and The European Commission on the text and consequences of the new Veterinary Medicine Regulations and Regulations on Medicated Feed for animals. These Acts are now written into law, however, will only become active with a series of Delegating and Implementing Acts. These are currently under discussion and will be over the next two years. FVE and FECAVA will be keeping a close watch on all of this, reading the texts and offering feedback to the Commission.

Key items among many are the list of Critically Important Antibiotics and the categories used to differentiate them. How antibiotics are licensed and accessed by veterinarians will be critical for how we practise in the future. We will keep you posted both here and on the FVE website about developments.

The Medicines Working Group also produce numerous Position Statements and Strategy items. The one of most interest to Companion Animal Veterinarians currently, is our Antimicrobial Resistance Update, which should be published via FVE Board later this year. We are also developing a statement for Cannabidiol and CBD Oils, something our clients are often using with little scientific basis to treat their pets.

If you have any issues in your country you would like to see addressed in this forum, please get in touch via (FECAVA EMAIL ).


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