FVE Animal Welfare Strategy: Summary Brochure

Animal welfare is crucial in improving not only animals’ well-being but people’s health and environment.
The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe Animal (FVE) Welfare Strategy details the vision of the European veterinary profession’s role in animal welfare, which is a key part of the FVE’s strategic plan.
It is also a comprehensive summary of the FVE Animal Welfare strategy adopted in 2021.
FVE President Rens van Dobbenburgh says:
“Animal welfare science is an evolving social concern. There is a growing expectation that the veterinary profession will reflect the current scientific understanding of animals’ needs, preferences and pleasures across veterinary policies. Animal welfare is also wide, with many issues and species to focus on. This is why as FVE we made an Animal Welfare Strategy”.

Download the Strategy HERE.


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