Free German course for veterinarians from Ukraine

To be able to work as a veterinarian in Germany, one needs to have a good knowledge of the professional language in order to communicate with animal owners and colleagues in a trustworthy and explicit manner.

Since the war on Ukraine forced many colleagues to leave their country, the company would like to support them by providing free access to their online “German course for veterinarians” (

Veterinarians with a Ukrainian passport can participate free of charge in the e-learning “Small Animal”, which consists of 5 modules. The modules are to be completed in self-study in free time allocation and cover, among other topics, all common diseases in small animal practice.

Interactive exercises, audio-dialogs and vocabulary lists, as well as a wide range of sample videos from real-life situations ensure the necessary relevance and plenty of variety, and are ideal for learning the German skills needed for everyday life in a veterinary practice. Grammar also plays an important role.

In addition to the e-learning package, other packages can also be booked that include additional casual online peer-to-peer discussions and online language lessons with experienced language instructors. This creates even more confidence for (first) customer contact.

For more information and an open taster course, interested veterinarians and employers can visit


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