Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) treatment allowed in Cyprus after FCoV-2023-outbreak

After the comprehensive efforts made by the veterinary community in Cyprus, supported by FVE and the FECAVA, the Cypriot government permitted the use of some of its human coronavirus drug inventory for treating cats diagnosed with FIP, aiding veterinarians in combating an FCoV-2023-outbreak. With this news, Cyprus now is the first European country which approved two different treatment options for compating FIP. The first option is the BOVA UK, veterinary-licensed remdesivir in the injectable formulation and GS441524 in tablet form for oral use. The second option allows the use of molnupiravir, which was initially approved for COVID-19, to be used as a treatment option (special permission from the cabinet) for FCoV-2023 outbreak in Cyprus.

On July 4, both organizations conducted a collaborative webinar addressing the challenges and prospects associated with FIP treatment. Diverse stakeholders attended the webinar, including scientists, practitioners, regulatory bodies, pharmaceutical companies, and policymakers. FVE and FECAVA urged enhanced surveillance of FIP incidence at national and European scales and for the industry to intensify research endeavors to formulate efficacious FIP vaccines. Critically, they requested policymakers to grant veterinarians the legal authority to administer FIP treatment in cats.

More information: FVE/FECAVA on challenges and opportunities of FIP treatment


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