FEDIAF’s statistics on the European pet industry

At its Annual General Meeting in Prague, the European Pet Food Federation (FEDIAF) released its yearly statistics on the European pet industry “Facts & Figures 2018”, which is showing overall sales growth. According to the report, there are approximately 75.3 million cats and 65.5 million dogs living in the European Union, and 103.8 million cats and 85.2 million dogs throughout all of Europe. Figures show that pet owners remain committed to providing good nutrition and care for their pets.

The combined annual value of European pet industry is €39.5 billion, pet food sales are accounting for 53% of it (25% belongs to services and 22% to pet accessories). Annual growth of the pet food industry is on average 2,5%. An estimated 1.000.000 people are employed in the whole European pet industry, 100.000 of them in pet food production.

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