FECAVA Wise nuggets – dr. Cedric Tutt

Wise nuggets is a new FECAVA initiative in which we present invaluable bits of advice and life lessons from our experienced colleagues all over Europe.
This month, we are proud to bring you a few pearls of wisdom from dr. Cedric Tutt BVSc, BVSc(Hons), MMedVet (Med), Diplomate EVDC, an internationally qualified and recognised veterinary dentist and oromaxillary surgeon. Enjoy!

a. What advice would you offer to the younger vets?

Veterinary science is a thrilling vocation which requires dedication and steadfastness. Determine early in your career what fascinates you most and what gives you most satisfaction. Then pursue a residency and become a specialist.

b. If you could change one thing in your career, what would that be?

Learn about the business of veterinary science.
At the end of the day we need to pay salaries and bills from what we have earned from our clients. At the end of each month there needs to be money left in the bank to enable future development and provide for our retirement.

c. How should young vets approach their early career?

Join a practice where you can learn from the senior vets. They have years of experience and will use techniques and skills that they have honed to a fine art over the years. Watch and learn by others experiences rather than want to learn everything by your own experience. Life is too short to have to get ahead on one’s own experience.
Don’t just work hard, work smart too.

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