FECAVA participates in a discussion at the EU Parliament on Responsible Care of Cats and Dogs

Responsible care of cats and dogs – political guidance for responsible population management took place in the EP in Brussels on the 29th of September 2022 (agenda). The meeting host was Petras Auštrevičius, a Member of the European Parliament and Chairman of the Working Group on Companion Animals. Besides other speakers, Ann Criel, FECAVA Honorary Secretary and FECAVA Animal Behaviour and Welfare Working Group Chair.

In many areas in Europe, cats and dogs roam freely. Their health and welfare can be seriously affected when the stray animals live under poor conditions and indirectly when inhumane population control measures are used. To provide tools to anyone working on population management control, we organize this event to present dog and cat population management guidance together with three case studies from Bulgaria, Portugal and Ukraine.

The recording of the event is available HERE.


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