FECAVA Membership Card 2020 honors Dr. Richard Völker

Each year FECAVA Membership cards honors one person who made a substantial impact on the companion animal veterinary profession.

This year FECAVA Membership card holds a picture of Dr. Richard Völker (1896 – 1981) from Germany. After finishing the Veterinary Medicine at the Veterinary School Hannover in 1921, Dr. Völker started practicing veterinary medicine in Goettingen and Leipzig and later in Hannover as a Director of the Small Animal Clinic. His fields of interest were Anaesthesia, Clinical Pathology, and Surgery. During his career, he supervised more than 200 dissertations and eight habilitations and was a founder of the German Small Animal Veterinary Association.
New Membership Cards will be distributed to FECAVA Members through national directors.


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