FECAVA launches three educational fact sheets dedicated to public to increase awarness of the importance of oral health in dogs and cats supported by Virbac and iM3

We are very excited to share with you a new FECAVA project – Dental Factsheets.

The educational factsheets are dedicated to the public to increase awareness of the importance of oral health in dogs and cats. They were created by the Diplomates of the American and European Veterinary Dental College Jerzy Gawor, MRCVS, DVM PhD, Brook A. Niemiec, DVM. The project is supported by partners from the industry Virbac and iM3.

The first three educational fact sheets are available for free from the FECAVA webpage:


With educational fact sheets, FECAVA aims to support European veterinary professionals with a useful tool to educate pet owners. Dental, oral, and maxillofacial diseases are the most common clinical problems in small animal veterinary practices. However, oral disease is a tremendously underdiagnosed and undertreated disease process worldwide. Oral/dental health is critical to a patient’s overall health and quality of life.  FECAVA’s project encourages pet owners to pay attention to their pets’ mouths in order to detect dental/oral health issues early, as well as veterinary clinicians to perform a complete oral exam on every patient during every clinical exam.

FECAVA National associations are invited to contact FECAVA secretariat info@fecava.org for support in the translation and are encouraged to share the fact sheets among their members.


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