FECAVA Joins Forces with Purina Institute to Advance Professional Development Opportunities in Pet Nutrition

We are thrilled to share the news of a collaboration between the Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA) and the renowned Purina Institute. The new partnership will provide veterinary professionals with practical, science-based nutrition knowledge to help them use the power of nutrition to manage pet health issues.

A recent survey conducted by the Purina Institute found veterinarians are pet owners’ most trusted source for nutrition advice,” said Dr. Daniel Rodes, Regional Leader for the Purina Institute. “However, our survey also suggests veterinarians may be missing opportunities to counsel clients about pet nutrition. Only 1 in 5 surveyed veterinary professionals said they proactively offer nutrition advice during most client visits.

Another key finding from the survey: 78 percent of pet owners stated that nutrition expertise is an “important” or “extremely important” factor in their satisfaction with their veterinary clinic.

Helping veterinarians address potentially missed opportunities to increase client satisfaction and patient health outcomes is why we are excited to work with FECAVA to make the Purina Institute’s extensive online resources and scientific programs accessible to more veterinary professionals,” Dr. Rodes added.

FECAVA President-Elect Dr. Danny Holmes echoed Dr. Rodes’ excitement about the collaboration.

We are thrilled to work with the Purina Institute,” said Dr. Holmes, whose veterinary practice offers companion animal and equine services in County Kerry, Ireland. “Education of veterinarians and support staff is a key objective for FECAVA. Our reach into national associations that represent veterinarians in 39 European countries, partnered with the excellent content available from the Purina Institute and other Purina collaborations, will help European veterinarians improve their patient care.

About the Purina Institute
The Purina Institute is dedicated to transforming nutrition science into actionable information that veterinary professionals can put into practice to benefit their patients. Through the Institute’s extensive online resources, publications and scientific programs, veterinarians and team members can arm themselves with the unbiased, science-based information they need to help pets live longer, better lives.

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