FECAVA and WSAVA Launch ‘Collegiality Infographic’ during Congress

The Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA) and World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) have launched a infographic for veterinary practices around the world to help remind them of its ‘Global Principles of Veterinary Collegiality’, launched earlier this year.

The infographic was introduced by FECAVA Past President Dr Wolfgang Dohne during a presentation in which he gave an update on the WSAVA and FECAVA’s collegiality initiative on Wednesday March 24 during the associations’ joint virtual congress.

He said: “Against a backdrop of high rates of depression, stress and burnout, it is crucial that associations such as FECAVA and WSAVA take a stand to improve collegiality, respect and communication within the veterinary profession. We have been delighted at the response to our Global Principles of Veterinary Collegiality and hope that our new infographic offers a simple and accessible visualization of the common set of behaviors we expect from all of our colleagues. We call on every employer, every team and every individual team member to ask themselves regularly whether they are living up to the pledges we have set out.”

Dr Shane Ryan, WSAVA Past President, added: “WSAVA and FECAVA provide strong and respected leadership to the veterinary profession while our member associations and individual members have responsibilities both for the welfare and health their patients, as well as the veterinary teams that care for them.

“Our new infographic and the Principles document it references are available for free download from the WSAVA and FECAVA websites. Both have been translated into a number of languages with more to follow. The infographic can be customized by individuals, veterinary practices and/or veterinary associations and we encourage its display in practices or on associations’ media platforms to show support for inclusivity, non-discrimination and respect for all veterinary colleagues worldwide.”


Press Release (24 March 2021)


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