Europetnet discussed identification and registration of pets with DG Sante

On January 9, 2024, a meeting took place between the Europetnet Board and DG Sante, focusing on the future of pet welfare and traceability of pets in the European Union. This discussion revolved around the upcoming revision of legislation concerning dogs and cats, particularly regarding their welfare and tracking.

This meeting was key in aligning political goals for the new legislation and finding common ground. Europetnet, in collaboration with FECAVA and FVE, has been a staunch advocate for mandatory microchipping and registration of all dogs and cats in a centralized database before EU-wide registration. This meeting was a timely opportunity to further these objectives.

Europetnet, already a pivotal link connecting national and regional databases across 17 EU Member States, brought to the table vital issues such as database interoperability and the drafting of delegated acts with specific national database requirements. The possibility of Europetnet’s existing system serving as a model for the forthcoming technical requirements was also a topic of consideration.

Europetnet is committed to developing a comprehensive position paper to contribute to the new regulation. This initiative will be undertaken in close collaboration with FECAVA and FVE, underscoring their dedication to enhancing the welfare and traceability of pets across the EU.

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