European Veterinary Survey 2018

Recently, the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe FVE published the results of the second Vet survey about the veterinary profession in Europe. Over 14,500 veterinarians from 30 FVE member countries completed the online Survey with some interesting results.

The small animal veterinarians play a significant role, as 67% of all veterinarians are working with companion animals, and two-thirds of the revenue comes from this sector.

An interesting trend is a feminization of the profession; 82 % of veterinarians under 30 are female. The results also showed that an overall number of veterinarians are increasing, more people are joining the profession rather than leaving it; (or retiring from it) 45% of vets are less than 40 years old.
The result of stress levels in the profession is worrying. Veterinarians reported 7 out of 10 level of stress at work, which is a critical issue to be addressed in the future.
Compared to the Survey in 2015, we see several positive tendencies, and we believe having a better insight into the profession will shape the better future for the veterinarians across Europe.

Have a closer look at the results of the Survey.


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