Dutch prohibition of the breeding of dogs with too short muzzles

The Dutch government accepted the law in 2014, which prohibits the breeding of about 20 short-snouted dog breeds, as defined by the system of head measurement, using traffic light colors classification. According to this criterion, only dogs with the length of a muzzle at least a third of the head are allowed to breed. The law will now be actively enforced, which was the reason for the Dutch Pug Club Commedia to immediately stop breeding pugs and plan to adjust the breeding program in order to breed healthier dogs.



In its August edition, the Dog’s Today (UK’s largest magazine for dog owners) published an article on Dutch prohibition of the breeding of dogs with too short muzzles. FECAVA has welcomed this news and made a statement that was included in the article:

»FECAVA welcomes this decision, which is potentially a first small step towards healthier Pugs, and we would encourage other breeder associations of brachycephalic dog breeds to take similar steps,« said FECAVA president Wolfgang Dohne.
»It’s great news to see that breeders have taken an iniciative in improving the health and welfare of dogs,« added former president Monique Megens. »It is one of the recommendations of our joint FECAVA/FVE (Federation of Veterinarians in Europe) position paper on healthy breeding, adopted earlier this year. We hope that the show judges and public as a whole will embrace this iniciative, and move away from flat-faced Pugs.«


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