Danish veterinarians demonstrate against new EU medicines regulation

Among other things, the new EU medicines legislation foresees that preventive antimicrobial use is permitted only in exceptional circumstances. It also introduces the possibility of restricting or even prohibiting the use of some antimicrobials in animals. The most important will be reserved for the treatment of certain human conditions. The Veterinary Medicinal Products Regulation will support the European Union’s action against antimicrobial resistance.

Danish veterinarians protested against new EU medicines legislation in Copenhagen on February 8, 2022.
They think that it will be difficult to relieve pain and treat animals professionally and correctly and that they will be forced to violate new legislation or euthanize animals that could have been treated previously. According to them, it is frequently impossible to comply with both the new legislation and the Animal Welfare Act at the same time.
Danish veterinarians believe the legislation is intended to reduce antibiotic consumption in Southern Europe. In their experience, in northern Europe, antibiotic consumption is already low and the new rules will result in higher antibiotic consumption.

Read more about the protest in PRESS RELEASE.

Photo report by Jean Luc Morbelli HERE.

List of antimicrobials reserved for human use published by EMA: HERE.


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