Cat microchipping to be made mandatory in the UK

Microchipping cats will be required by law in the United Kingdom, according to the government.

Thousands of lost or stray pet cats are more likely to be reunited with their owners and safely returned home. According to the new plans, all owners must ensure that their pet is microchipped before the age of 20 weeks and that their contact details are stored and kept up to date in a pet microchipping database. Owners who are discovered not to have microchipped their cat will have 21 days to have one implanted or face a £500 fine.

Vets and animal lovers welcomed the announcement but said the government should urgently tidy up the patchwork of pet databases that make it difficult to find animals.

The commitment to microchipping is part of a wider Government effort to build on existing world-leading standards and follows a number of recent announcements aimed at improving companion animal welfare.

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