ATA/FECAVA/FVE Webinar on air transport of brachiocephalic pets 1 April 5 PM CET

Thousands of pets are shipped annually by air. To ensure successful transport for the special needs of the brachiocephalic pet, this webinar will review the health and welfare of travel, best practices and regulation in flight and other recommendations for transporting these pets.



Session I: Presentations

17:00: Opening remarks from the Animal Transportation Association (ATA), the European Federation of Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA), and the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE)

17:10: Presentation – Health and welfare concerns around traveling with brachycephalic dogs by Monique Megens, Monique Megens Consulting

17:30: Presentation – Procedures, practices and rules of pet shipping companies in respect to travelling with bracheocephalics by Carlein van der Beek, Pet Air GmbH

17:45: Presentation – Real-world examples of air-transport with bracheocephalics by Jeff Segers, IFA Skyfast

Session II: Interactive panel discussion from 18:00-18:30

Panel members:

Monique Megens, Monique Megens Consulting
Carlein van der Beek, Pet Air GmbH
Jeff Segers, IFA Skyfast
Petra Sindern, President of the German Veterinary Practitioners Association (bpt) and Member of the Small Animal and of the Defect Breed working group of the German Association of Veterinary Chambers (BTK).
Moderation: Torill Moseng, FVE Vice-President and President of the Norwegian Veterinary Association

18:30: Closing remarks

Attached you can see the bio’s of the speakers and panel members.


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