Are Feline Patients Undertreated?

Our french colleagues revealed recent statistics about the feline population in France and their representation in veterinary clinics compared to dogs.
There are twice as many cats in France as there are dogs, the number is estimated to around 14 million, and the population is increasing by 3% every year; however, feline patients at veterinary clinics are still in the minority in comparison to dogs.

• 58.1% of cats have seen a veterinarian in the last twelve months compared with 84.7% of dogs.
• Cat owners make, on average, 1.1 visits to the veterinarian and spend, on average, 166 euros per year compared with dog owners who make, on average, 1.9 visits and pay 211 euros yearly.
• 77% of french cats are treated against fleas, and 72% are dewormed; however, only 57% are vaccinated compared with 85% of dogs.

There are a few differences between cat and dog ownerships. Unlike the dog, which is often bought or adopted, the cat is usually given or found. One out of ten cats lives in urban Paris, typical owners are young single people or couples who live in the apartment (one out of three cats lives strictly indoor).

France hosts the second largest population of cats after Russia, followed by Germany. Trends seem to be similar all around Europe: the number of cats is increasing, and the number of dogs decreasing presumably to changes in lifestyles and digital popularity of cats.
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