A dog is for life, not just for lockdown

The slogan came from the Dog Trust, the largest dog welfare charity in the UK responding to an increase of Google searches for »buy a puppy« by 120% after the lockdown. Later, the demand and prices for puppies rocketed in the UK. The Economist reports that families are looking for ways to entertain their children and aged parents with a companion that would help them cope with loneliness. The highest demand is for the so-called »designer crossbreeds«, posh mongrels with pure-blood parents.

The canine supply chain is very vulnerable, and along with higher demand, many concerns arise. The lockdown has created an unexpected barrier – new owners can’t travel to visit the stud dog, which enhances the (illegal) online trade. On top, many breeders are concerned that lockdown will prevent new puppies from socializing with other puppies, and also that new owners will dump them once lockdown is lifted.

We can assume that the same problems are a concern across Europe.

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