FECAVA and EUROPETNET set up a blueprint for the future of the Identification and Registration of companion animals across Europe

The implementing review of the EU rules (EC) 1/2005 raised the issue of the protection of animals during the transport of farm and pet animals. Therefore, the Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinarians (FECAVA) collaborated with Europetnet (EPN) to produce a Joint statement for improvement of the Identification and Registration of companion animals across Europe and the function of European Pet Passport with five key issues to address the illegal puppy transport.

The key point is the suggestion for obligatory “microchipping” of all dogs and cats in Europe and modernisation of the EU pet passport into an Electronic Pet Passport (sPP), a digital Lifetime Identity Document. All necessary data should be recorded by a qualified person into a national database which should be connected in a EU-wide database and non-EU based databases that adhere to EU standards. Europetnet is already providing this service by a voluntary collaboration of 46 national databases and every year they help to reunite thousands of lost pets with their owners.

Danny Holmes, FECAVA Vice President said, “ We are delighted to align with the Europetnet group on Identification and registration matters. Their model of digital pet passports is a blueprint for the future to simplify administration and improve animal welfare during dog and cat movements throughout Europe. We especially wish to reduce the illegal puppy trade.“

Link to the Joint Statement from FECAVA and Europetnet.

Link to Press Release.


COUNCIL REGULATION (EC) No 1/2005 of 22 December 2004 on the protection of animals during transport and related operations is available on the LINK HERE.
In June 2020 The European Parliament has voted to establish an inquiry committee to investigate the transport of live animals across and out of the European Union – LINK to the source. In January 2022 ANIT Committee concluded its work: LINK to the source


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