Throughout the pandemic, vet practices across Europe have been amending and reviewing the way they work to ensure staff and pet owners remain safe, and practices can remain open to be there to look after your pet when you need us.

The number of pet cats and dogs has increased during the pandemic, meaning your vet is even busier than before.

All of this has meant a lot of changes for you, the pet owner.

With many vet consulting outside or virtually over the phone, it is taking longer to carry out consultations and we know you will be worried when you leave your pet with us.

We are hearing of heart-warming stories of thanks from pet owners to their vets. There are a some incidences of clients reacting negatively and we ask all pet owners to be aware that the vet team are there for you and your pet and although working in difficult situations, are doing the best they can.
The vet team welcome hearing from pet owners …receiving a thank you letter, even a few short words, makes all the difference after a hard day. The vet team care for every animal they look after; they love what they do; making a difference to you and your pet.

Say thanks to your vet team today and make their day

Chair, FECAVA Mental Health & Wellbeing Working Group

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