Mental Health and Well-being April 2019

FECAVA has formed a new Mental Health and Wellbeing Committee and our aim is to gather evidence on how mental health issues are affecting the profession in Europe by: recognising the different issues; sharing ideas; providing a place to signpost sources of information and developing a tool kit that can be adapted to individual practices and countries.
We will be sharing information and initiatives from each country every month in our newsletter. Mental Health and Wellbeing is an important topic for our profession and affects all who work in our practices: vets, nurses, animal care assistants and receptionists.
To start with, we would like to share this short piece that was recently published in the Veterinary Record in the UK about stress.

How do you deal with stress?  Is it spent with the dog, out walking, reading a book…take time out to do what works for you to relax.
Chair, FECAVA Mental Health & Wellbeing Working Group

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