FEDIAF and AnimalhealthEurope welcome FVE and FECAVA to Pet Alliance Europe collaboration at animal welfare themed #PetPower event in Brussels

At its annual #PetPower event in Brussels, the Pet Alliance Europe announced expanding its collaboration. FECAVA (Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations) and FVE (Federation of Veterinarians of Europe) have joined forces with FEDIAF EuropeanPetFood and AnimalhealthEurope in their shared mission to champion pet welfare and highlight the positive impact of pets on the lives of all Europeans, otherwise known as #PetPower.

At Townhall Europe, Members of the European Parliament, Commission, and Council joined animal welfare organizations, assistance animal associations, and pet industry stakeholders, plus many four-legged friends, to celebrate #PetPower. In anticipation of World Animal Day, Pet Alliance Europe had the privilege of hosting guest speaker, Mitja Sedlbauer, Policy Officer from the European Commission’s DG SANTE. Mr Sedlbauer provided updates on the ongoing revisions in EU animal welfare legislation to an audience of over 100 attendees.

Mitja Sedlbauer, stated: “The Commission continues to develop harmonized rules on protection of animals, this time including cats and dogs in commercial breeding, transport and trade. This exercise undertakes a very fruitful cooperation with experts, competent authorities and the NGOs throughout the EU.

Representatives from founding organizations Rosa Carbonell, President of FEDIAF, and Roxane Feller, Secretary General of AnimalhealthEurope, expressed their delight at including FVE and FECAVA. “Alongside our new partners FVE and FECAVA, it was an honor to welcome so many industry representatives and welfare organizations to our #PetPower event and shine a spotlight on pet welfare. We acknowledge that this is a multifaceted subject with a multitude of stakeholders involved. However, we are united in our goal of improving and harmonizing welfare standards for both pets and assistance animals. We also look forward to working as a larger collaboration to promote high welfare standards and amplify the #PetPower movement in Europe.

Siegfried Moder, FVE President, and Ann Criel, FECAVA Secretary, added: “Our veterinary organizations are delighted to be involved in the Pet Alliance. FVE and FECAVA, representing more than 300,000 veterinarians across 39 European countries, share a strong commitment to animal health and welfare, objectives that are closely with those of the Pet Alliance. We are confident that our collective voice will help communicate the vital role companion animals play in our society and the measures we can take to ensure their well-being.

The European animal health and pet food industry associations, AnimalhealthEurope and FEDIAF EuropeanPetFood, first came together in 2020 as Pet Alliance Europe to bring #PetPower to the EU agenda. This term encompasses animal-assisted interventions, service animal offerings, and the broader human-animal bond. We promote the important role that pets play in society, providing companionship and unique bonds with their owners. We are also advocates for pet welfare and work with like-minded organizations to share information on how to care for pets. For additional information, visit https://pet-power.eu/.


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