Online Event on Mandatory EU-wide Identification and Registration of Companion Animals

On the 27th June 2023 the European Parliament’s Intergroup on Animal Welfare and Conservation organized an event on the topic of “Mandatory EU-wide Identification and Registration of Companion Animals,” emphasizing the importance of implementing this measure for both animal welfare and public health reasons.

During the event, EuroPetNet representatives Remi Gelle and Finbar Heslin presented the numerous benefits and opportunities associated with mandatory identification and registration of pets. They enphasised the significance of traceability and control of companion animals at the EU level, outlining how this measure contributes to their overall welfare.

Check the report and recordings of the event.

Background of the Event:
In light of the upcoming review of EU animal welfare legislation by the European Commission, preparatory work has commenced. As part of this process, it is essential to address the implementation challenges associated with the compulsory identification and registration of companion animals by authorized professionals. These professionals would utilize interoperable databases across Member States, ensuring a harmonized and efficient system.

Extensive research on the benefits of the e-passport and various recognized interoperable database systems is already underway. Sharing best practices and fostering collaboration is crucial to ensure the expected outcome of this forthcoming legislation. Regulation (EU) No 576/2013 already mandates the identification of animals crossing country borders. To effectively validate the accompanying documents, such as health and ownership information, a harmonized system based on interoperable databases is indispensable.

Under a multi-stakeholder initiative, EuroPetNet has implemented an innovative technical solution to enable comprehensive traceability during disease outbreaks. Simultaneously, this system helps combat the illicit trade of dogs and cats within the EU, addressing a significant concern in animal welfare.


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