World Cancer Day / 4 February 2020

February 4 is marked as International World Cancer Day. The initiative is led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and aims to raise global awareness and education about cancer, its prevention, detection and treatment.

Although the initiative is focused on humans, we know that for decades cancer has also been a common health problem in veterinary medicine. Veterinary oncology is a rapidly developing field, as cancer patients have become part of everyday work in small animal practice and more and more owners are opting for one of the possible demanding therapies. Recently, JSAP has been looking back on the development of veterinary oncology in the last 60 years.: Significant advances in veterinary oncology – 60 years on.
Although cancer is mostly a chronic condition, those patients can sometimes be presented as emergencies (chemotherapy-induced, paraneoplastic syndromes, or directly related to the neoplasm). Read about some of these emergencies, their pathophysiology, clinical presentation and treatment in the open-access paper »Review of oncological emergencies in small animal patients«.
Recent findings of safety margins in cutaneous MCT surgery have just been published in “A systematic review of surgical margins utilized for removal of cutaneous mast cell tumors in dogs”.


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