Finnish Study: Over Half of French Bulldogs with IVDD Experience Recurrence

Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) is a prevalent neurological disorder among French Bulldogs due to their genetic predisposition as a chondrodystrophic breed.

A Finnish study on the recurrence of IVDD in French Bulldogs revealed that over half of those with a previous episode of IVDD experienced a recurrence. Notably, young French Bulldogs are particularly prone to recurrence in the cervical spine.

Approximately one in four patients with IVDD suffers from a recurrence within 12 months of their initial episode.

Given these findings, it is crucial to inform potential dog owners about the elevated risk of IVDD in French Bulldogs and the possibility of early recurrences.


Leu, D., Vidondo, B., Stein, V. et al. Recurrence rate of intervertebral disc disease in surgically treated French Bulldogs: a retrospective study (2009–2019). Acta Vet Scand65, 3 (2023).

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