BSAVA PetSavers Ageing Canine Toolkit (ACT)

BSAVA PetSavers-funded research at the University of Liverpool (the Old Age Pets (OAP) research project) aimed to help vets and clients provide the best care for senior and geriatric dogs. The research showed that many owners find it difficult to know what are ‘normal’ age-related changes or whether signs indicate possible disease that would benefit from veterinary advice and treatment.

Key research findings were used to develop a checklist for clients to complete as part of a home triage. Answers of ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’ are coded according to traffic light colours red, green and amber to aid recognition of areas of concern, and clients are encouraged to seek advice from their veterinary practice for any red or amber responses.

This 40-page leaflet contains several copies of the checklist to encourage clients to work through it at least every 6 months, keeping completed versions for comparison, and also includes information that ties in with the checklist topics and provides a good background about the more common health problems affecting aged dogs. This was made possible thanks to the input of the PetSavers management committee and was launched at BSAVA Congress 2023.

This free leaflet is also available in digital format (editable pdf) and is supported by a double-sided poster for practice waiting rooms. Please note that free copies are only available to veterinary professionals in the UK.

Download the Toolkit or Practice poster.

More information is on the BSAVA webpage.


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