Short biography

Olena Fedorkovska is a veterinary doctor from Kharkiv, Ukraine. She graduated with honors from the State Zooveterinary Academy in Kharkiv and the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine in Kyiv. Later, she completed the nostrification procedure at the Veterinary Medicine University of Vienna, earning a Magister Medicinae Veterinarian degree.

Her career spans various fields of veterinary medicine, including research institutes, small clinics, and larger hospitals in Ukraine, as well as veterinary clinics in Vienna. Since 2022, she has worked in the emergency care unit at the Veterinary Hospital of the Veterinary University of Vienna.

Olena actively supports Ukrainian pet owners and veterinary colleagues affected by the war, helping them find treatment and accommodation in Europe. She regularly attends USAVA and FECAVA congresses to stay updated with the latest in small animal medicine.

In her personal life, Olena enjoys sports, hiking in the Austrian mountains, and exploring different cultures. She has a cat named Simba from Kyiv, who brings joy to her everyday life.